The Community Challenge for Kids

What is the Community Challenge for Kids?

The Bryan Brothers Foundation Community Challenge for Kids is a fundraising effort among local businesses in Talbot, Caroline, Queen Anne’s and Dorchester Counties. Each business is charged with raising as much money as they can to help shore kids. Businesses can employ any fundraising methods they want throughout the year. Creative fundraising efforts include bingo & paint nights, company yards sales and other hosted fundraising events. Each year, businesses that accept the challenge are charged with raising money to help shore kids. 

The Bryan Brothers “Building Dreams for Youth” looks at the challenge as a win, win opportunity for the business and community. Local businesses get the opportunity to employ team building activities while the community is afforded more grant and funding opportunities by the Bryan Foundation.

The Community Challenge for Kids ends each year with the winner being announced at our Annual Spring Event held in April. Each participating organization is also able to earmark 25% percent of their raised funds for a children’s cause of their choice.

Community Challenge for Kids Results!

Past Community Challenge for Kids Participants